It is not that the foam box is not affordable, it is not that the wooden box is not affordable, but the turnover basket is more cost-effective.

01 Save money and environmental protection, reduce carbon emissions.

Turnover baskets (reusable plastic crates) are reusable plastic distribution boxes. Compared with cardboard boxes and foam boxes, it can reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption, and mitigate the impact of climate change. Some of these crates are made from recycled plastics, reducing carbon and plastic over their lifecycle.

02 Protect fruits and vegetables to reduce food waste.

Fruits and vegetables are delicious, but fragile. Extrusion, bumps, long transportation, every fruit and vegetable that comes to us in good condition is experiencing the trials and tribulations of the Western Paradise. Turnover baskets not only reduce packaging damage and the use of foam paper products, but also can greatly reduce the loss of fruits and vegetables, air circulation design can also extend the storage time of fruits and vegetables.

03 Modify and reuse.

The cat litter box of the pooper scooper, the camping table of the camping enthusiast, the removable plant box, the DIY organizer …… How creative you are, how shocking the changes of the swing basket are!

Creative Direction

Create a short video that combines your understanding of swing baskets! It can be either a creative design for publicity around swing baskets, a presentation of the function and environmental value of swing baskets, or a story about you and swing baskets. Your video is up to you!


Organizer: RCE Suzhou

(Full name: UNU Regional Center for Education for Sustainable Development (RCE) Suzhou Network of Experts Website: )

Supported by: Swedish Institute of Environmental Sciences (IVL)

(Click on the organization’s name to jump to the CEE Frontier Program and discover more possibilities of the “Turnaround Basket”. )

Organizer: Green Light Year

Organization of the event

  • Launch of Call for Entries: Now – 24:00, February 18, 2024
  • Judging by experts: February 19 – March 29, 2024
  • Announcement of winners: March 30, 2024 (International Zero Waste Day)

About RCE Suzhou

RCE Suzhou is a responsible, innovative and influential multi-stakeholder inclusive group focused on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), approved by the United Nations University (UNU).

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Dr. Ellen Shih Chairman of RCE Suzhou

Associate Dean of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Business Education, International Business School, Western Liverpool University (WLU)

Mr. Zhu Lirong Director of RCE Suzhou

Director of Suzhou Science Promotion Center

Mr. Zhou Jiong, Director of RCE Suzhou

Founder/Chairman of Jizhong Energy Saving Technology (Suzhou) Co.

Ms. Tian Yuan, Director, RCE Suzhou

Co-Founder, President of Operations

Mr. Luan Yu, Director, RCE Suzhou

Founding Director and General Manager of Suzhou Yima Group

Ms. Wang Jun, Director of RCE Suzhou

Director of Ronghui Cultural Exchange Center, Suzhou Industrial Park, Director of Suzhou Industrial Park Social Organization Federation

Dr. Jiang Nanqing Invited Judge, RCE Suzhou

President of Qinghe Institute of Circular Economy and Carbon Neutrality

Ms. Ni Huan Deputy Secretary General of RCE Suzhou Secretariat

Founding Director of Suzhou Industrial Park Green Light Years Science Service Center

Call for Participation Rules


Elementary school, middle school, high school, university, working people (working people engaged in agriculture, food retail, transportation, plastic production, new media industry, etc. are encouraged to participate), and teams are encouraged to participate (the number of team members should not be more than 5 people).

Entry Method

Entrants should name their works in the following way: Entry Group + Name of Work + Author (Team/Individual); upload entries to personal disk, and fill in the registration by scanning the QR code below with the sharing link, front and back photos of the ID card (all team members’ ID cards are required for team participation) and other relevant information.

Application Form


  1. The entries should be thematic, creative and well-produced, with both scientific and artistic qualities.
  2. The length of the video should not be less than 1 minute. Horizontal screen 16:9, vertical screen 9:16, clear picture quality, stable lens.
  3. There is no limitation on the type of works, animation, drama, documentary and experimental short films are all acceptable.

Reward Setting

Best Movie Award

Elementary school junior high school group, high school group, university group, working people, one place for each group:

  • Receive a creative bonus of RMB1000/group (if a team enters the competition, the bonus will be shared);
  • Receive a certificate issued by RCE Suzhou (RCE: UNU Regional Center for Sustainability Education Network of Experts).

Several Nomination Prizes

Student group (including elementary middle school, high school and university groups):

  • Receive a certificate issued by RCE Suzhou (RCE: UNU Regional Center for Sustainability Education Network of Experts);
  • A 10% discount coupon for participating in the GLY Youth Research Institute’s project research/study camp activities.

Working Person Group:

  • Receive a certificate from RCE Suzhou;
  • Original GLY peripherals.

Activity Contact

  • Contact Person: Ms. 17740869659 Wang
  • Contact Email:

Declaration of activities

  1. The content of all entries should be original, true and healthy, and comply with national laws and regulations.
  2. Participants shall guarantee that they have independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyrights for their works; all works submitted by participants must not be authorized for use by any organization or individual, and must be the original works of the participants, and must not be plagiarized or misappropriated from others’ works. Participants should also guarantee that their entries do not infringe any rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights, portrait rights, honor rights and privacy rights. In case of any disputes arising from the violation of the above guarantee, all legal responsibilities shall be borne by the participants themselves, and have nothing to do with the organizer and contractor of the competition, and the organizer or contractor shall have the right to disqualify them from the competition and require the participants to return all the awards and revenues they have gained from the organizer and contractor based on the entries, as well as to compensate for all the damages caused by them to the organizer and the contractor.
  3. The Sponsor and the Organizer have the legal right to use all entries in the Contest. By entering the Contest, the entrant agrees to authorize the Sponsor, the Organizer, and their affiliates to use his/her entry for activities and promotions worldwide, including but not limited to the use of his/her entry in the global online media, print media, printed materials, film festivals, retail stores, roadshows, outdoor media, and other marketing activities, in perpetuity, and without compensation, since the date of the submission of the entry. The Sponsor, Organizers and their affiliates will be entitled to use the Submission in marketing activities, including but not limited to online media, print media, film festivals, retail stores, roadshows, outdoor media, and other marketing activities worldwide without further notice to or consent from the Entrant. The Sponsor, the Organizers and their affiliates reserve the right to authorize partners to use submissions for these purposes.
  4. The entrant agrees that the copyrights of the entries included by the Sponsor or the Organizers belong to the Sponsor and the Organizers, and that the Sponsor, the Organizers and their affiliates have the right to grant exclusive licenses to use the winning entries and to: 1) carry out, or authorize any third party to carry out, the development of derivative works or products, as well as the reproduction, distribution, rental, exhibition, performance, screening, broadcasting, information network transmission, filming, adapting, adaptation and use of the entries. 2) use or authorize any third party to use the work or its derivative works, including but not limited to developing, reproducing, distributing, selling or using in any way in any products or services worldwide, and at the same time, the said work can be used in any marketing/distribution scenarios for publicity (covering the whole media and all carriers including but not limited to the Internet, mobile Internet, enterprise official website, APP, Weibo, etc.). Internet, official website, APP, Weibo, WeChat, Shake, posters, EDM and other dynamic and graphic carriers, printed materials, film festivals, retail stores, roadshows, outdoor media and other activities).

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