Our Mission

Building to RCE Suzhou, organizing an innovative and influential inclusive group of participants committed to contribute to developing capacity for ESD.

Our Vision

Integrating Education for Sustainable Development into our lives and creating a harmoniously developed region oriented towards sustainable development for the benefit of future generations.

Our Goals

Teaching citizens enjoy sustainable styles’ life

  • Goal 1: To build a network of enthusiastic collaborators, including individuals and organizations, working together to promote ESD.
  • Goal 2: Advance the development of lifelong sustainability learning opportunities in formal, non-formal and informal contexts.
  • Goal 3: Raise public awareness of social, economic and environmental sustainability and the role of ESD in shaping a more sustainable, healthy and just future.
  • Goal 4: To model sustainable, innovative, collaborative and inclusive practices and processes across sectors and to emulate our values within the RCE organization.
  • Goal 5: To share research and innovative practice in ESD and to promote partnerships, learning and progress in ESD across the region.

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