Green Light-Year

Green Light-Year (GLY), known as a Chinese native NGO dedicated to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), is a private non-enterprise public welfare organization officially registered in Shanghai Minhang District Civil Affairs Bureau in March 2016. In the past six years since its inception, GLY has been exploring the promotion and practicing of ESD concepts at three levels: cognition, social emotion and behavior change. We target Chinese teenagers and youth, and engage them to better understand and implement the Sustainable Development Goals by promoting green lifestyles and sustainable consumption. Within these 17 criteria, we focus on cultivating eight core qualities for young people to meet challenges in the 21st century. Our mission is to make the public enjoy practicing SDGs and to become China’s leading ESD organization.

PRME China

With the strong support of Dr. Mette Morsing, Head of the UN Global Compact Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Initiative, and the Secretariat, Professor Huang Haifeng officially took the lead in organising the creation of the PRME China Academic Committee on 10 April 2021. “On 18 September 2021, the second meeting of the Chinese Academic Committee was held at the Education Forum for Asia’s Responsible Management Education Sub-Forum in Chengdu, and some new academic members were elected. On 15 December 2021, the China Academic Committee on Responsible Management Education, in collaboration with member schools, organised an online “One Heart, One Mind, One Strength, One Action” seminar, which was attended by hundreds of university teachers and students


AIPESD was officially established in Beijing on 20 May 2014. The Centre was established with the support of the National Committee of UNESCO in China and the Beijing Academy of Education Sciences, through joint consultation and joint initiation by the UNESCO Consortium for Teacher Education for Sustainable Development, the National Working Committee on Education for Sustainable Development in China and the Beijing Society for Education for Sustainable Development. Its main tasks are: to carry out joint research on the theory and practice of education for sustainable development, teacher training and experience exchange with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, to provide policy recommendations to governments for the development of education for sustainable development in the next 5-10 years, to collaborate on the development of training materials, and to build a platform for cooperation and exchange of personnel and research on topics.

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