RCE Suzhou is committed to promoting Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), integrating ESD into our lives, creating a harmoniously developed region with a sustainable orientation and educating citizens to embrace sustainable lifestyles for the benefit of future generations.

Through ESD projects, we hope to raise public awareness of social, economic and environmental sustainability and the role of ESD in shaping a more sustainable, healthy and just future. To share ESD research and innovative practices and to promote partnerships, learning and progress in ESD across the region.

You are welcome to scan the QR code below for a long-term interest in ESD and to learn more about examples of sustainable education practices (put ESD Research Centre QR code)

ESD Projects: 15 Ways in 15 Weeks

“15 Sustainable Lifestyles in 15 Weeks is a sustainable lifestyle communication campaign led by the Sustainable Future Talents (SFT) club at the University of Liverpool on campus.

For 15 weeks, SFT members, led by the Associate Dean, IBSS professors and experienced seniors from the SFT organisation, planned and implemented the ‘Action The project “Profiling” was created by the United Nations Office for Environmental Development and the United Nations Institute for Disruptive Design. Some of the more widespread activities include

  • A free market (flea market) to exchange second-hand items
  • a permanent vegetarian set menu in collaboration with the campus restaurant 
  • Free distribution of edible green plants that can be grown in the halls of residence.

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